Women’s Swimwear

High performance and style

Women’s swimwear and bikinis used to be a summer only affair, with shops and retailers making them available only during the sunny summer months. At Blood Red, our women’s swimwear and bikinis are available all year round, because these days swimwear has become a wardrobe staple. Hey, it’s always summer somewhere!

Women’s swimwear

People travel more these days. We don’t reserve our bikinis and holiday wear for the hot summer months anymore. We go on mini-breaks, and jet off on long weekends, making women’s swimwear a necessary item that goes into our carry-on. Hey, it’s always summer somewhere! Second, gym and fitness club memberships have been on the rise these last couple of years, and if yours is any good, you’re probably splashing around in your women’s swimwear in a heated pool, even in the dead of winter. Third, women’s swimwear have become so versatile, we don’t just make them for the beach and pool anymore. If you are into any type of fitness, Blood Red’s women’s swimwear can double up as gym wear, yoga wear, even light-weight running wear. Just throw on our hoodies and leggings over our two piece sports bikinis, and you’re good to go!

Women’s sports & surf bikinis

Whether you are into sailing, kite surfing, beach volleyball, diving, free diving, or virtually any water sport, having well-designed sports bikinis are a versatile god-send. Blood Red’s sports bikinis are designed for movement—they move when you move, providing coverage where you need it, and comfort in both wet and dry conditions. These sports bikinis dry quickly and resist fading caused by chlorinated pool water and salt-water, so they’re perfect for doing laps in the pool or as a surf bikini. If you’re specifically looking for women’s surf bikinis, Blood Red’s sports bikinis are part of a complementary range of items, so you can mix and match them with shorts, rash guards, and sunguards as well.

Ladies long sleeved swimwear

The beauty of Blood Red’s women’s swimwear range is that there are always several styles of sports bikinis and ladies long sleeved swimwear to choose from. Thus, unlike some surf bikini brands, Blood Red goes beyond the usual two-piece ensembles by designing a range of long-sleeved swimwear for sun protection. New this year is the bodysuit or onesie, which is a one-piece swimsuit with long-sleeves and a zip-up front. Also in the womens swimwear range are cropped rash guards, short-sleeved rash guards, and the loose-fitting hooded sun guards. All are made using UPF50+ rated fabric which blocks out harmful UVA and UVB rays. Blood Red understands that women look for both variety and versatility in their women’s sports swimwear, and that it’s not unusual to own different pieces for different sports, events, and occasions.