High quality
done differently

Our Promise

Responsible design:
high quality done differently

When we started Blood Red® in 2007, we simply wanted to make the best sun-protective rash guards at an excellent quality-price ratio. The brand may be called Blood Red but we’re secretly green, with recycle, reduce and reuse always hovering in our peripheral vision.

Responsible Activewear Design - Blood Red ©

Our Products

Style doesn’t have to
cost the earth

Every year and every collection is an improvement from the last in terms of making our products and operations as sustainable as we can. We actively search for responsible solutions to ensure that high standards and quality are obtained and maintained to create and deliver products you love.

Ethical Activewear Products - Blood Red ©

Our Packaging

Reducing single-use

Since Blood Red® was founded, we have kept a conscious eye on how we package and present our products while fulfilling the expectations of our retail partners and end consumers. In mid-2018 we committed to remove single-use, non-degradable plastic.

Ethical Clothes Packaging in Store - Blood Red ©

Our Partners

Supporting scientists

Since 2015, we have partnered with the international and Filipino team of scientists and volunteers who make up LAMAVE (Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines). Their focus is on marine megafauna conservation through fieldwork, and Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) campaigns.

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