This waterproof tablet case features a clear vinyl + 420 denier nylon body with a double-sided TPU laminate, heat-welded seams and a slide-lock mechanism.


[tipso tip=”IPX8 is the highest rating in Ingress Protection Marking. When properly sealed, this waterproof phone case can protect its contents up to 19ft / 6m”]IPX8 Waterproof Rating[/tipso]     [tipso tip=”The seams are solid-state welded, making a perfect waterproof seal. Does not use stitches, soldering materials, nor adhesives to bind materials together.”]Welded seams for better waterproofing[/tipso]     [tipso tip=”This Dry Bag uses our DryShell™ technology. This dry pouch is 100% waterproof, dust proof, sand proof and mud proof.”]Uses Blood Red's DryShell™ Technology[/tipso]

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Don’t leave the little things to chance!

Blood Red’s Waterproof Tablet Case (Medium sized Dry Pouches) are suitable for important things that need protection too–think passports, airline tickets, external hard drives, two-way radios, GPS, PlayStation Portable units, Kindles, medium-sized tablets, and the like. Dustproof, sandproof and waterproof, fully submersible up to 19 feet (6 meters).

Using Blood Red’s Dryshelltm Technology, a combination of clear vinyl and high-frequency 420 denier nylon with a double-sided TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) film laminate, heat-welded seams and an idiot-proof slide-lock mechanism. Easy to use and designed with function in mind.

Waterproof Tablet Case Features:

  • Designed with Blood Red’s Dryshelltm Technology
  • Fully sensitive touch screen
  • Waterproof up to 19 feet (6 meters)
  • Protects against sand, dust, mud etc.
  • TPU-coated 420 denier nylon provides better elasticity, good grease resistance & Improved tear strength
  • Heat-welded seams
  • Detachable chord


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