Striped Inflatable Water Hammock


Relax into summer like a pro with the Striped Inflatable Water Hammock. Designed to be used as both a seat and lounger, the Water Hammock is super chilled and serves multiple purposes. With an inflated pillow on either side, the ultra-comfortable Water Hammock features a net centre to make sure you are cool, comfy and supported all summer long!

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  • Inflated dimensions 145cm x 70cm
  • inflatable ends with mesh hammock
  • Includes repair patch in case of damage
  • outdoor use
  • Eco conscious EN71- Non Phthalate PVC
  • Should not be left in the sun for long durations due to UV exposure
  • Our inflatables have important safety labels that may not be shown in all photography. If you have any questions please reach out to our team

Part of our design process involves responsible design. We make sure to make good products, have a good product display, and we choose responsible packaging solutions.


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