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Integra Dinghy Sailing Trapeze Harness


Designed for any trapeze sailor, the ergonomic profiles allow freedom of movement with each panel intended to move with the body. An exceptionally low profile on the back and chest for manoeuvrability under the boom and in tight spaces.

Simple entry combined with a wide adjustment range.

Product Features:

  • Body material 400D nylon rip stop
  • Heavy duty Kevlar seat reinforcement
  • Neoprene leg straps
  • Wide load webbing straps
  • Heavy duty nylon buckles
  • Reflectors for enhanced safety in low light

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Trapeze Harness & Buoyancy Aid Fused Into One
The Blood Red INTEGRA™ is a unique combination of your buoyancy aid and trapeze harness combined into one. We didn’t like racing with two pieces, the discomfort of the PFD riding up under your chin, the harness or PFD not fitting because both items interfere with each other.

4 reviews for Integra Dinghy Sailing Trapeze Harness

  1. delynn (verified owner)

    i need another one,, could you please notify me when you will have the Xl-XXL in stock

    • Christine

      Hi, apologies for the lack of those sizes. We are working on having new stock for mid summer. Not ideal but best of a difficult year. thanks

  2. Rich Robinson (verified owner)

    Nothing out there like it. Not even close. A masterpiece of design simplicity. Two clips and you are done. The guys up at the lake swear by it.

  3. Norbert Kropf

    I was impressed by the two in one system. This makes my decision.
    I am sailing catamaran ( modified Prindle 18.2 ) and the easy use and fit on board is essential.
    So – over all – the product fullfills all my expectations.
    Very positive is the cover over the leg-belts, it is comfortable, even sailing in shorts.
    Some points I think could be better.
    The main-belt at left shoulder is guided through the front. The belt you adjust is to store inside the front part too, but the slit is too narrow. ( I need not adjust every use.. and the rest of the belt is hanging around )
    As I am little stronger than normal and when using neoprene under the harness I wish the side-belts to adjust the bow with the hook could be little longer ( app. 5 to 10 cm each side.)
    Also I think a possibility to grab a person in water easily would be fine ( a loop, e.g.)
    For the short time I use the jacket the quality of work and selection of material is TOP!
    I bougt it at Marina Dellas in Germany and I got very good advice.

  4. johncramermail (verified owner)

    This is the product that I have been waiting for! Very light and engineered design . Less straps to get tangled up with compared to using a conventional harness/ lifejacket . Easy to put on and take off. If you are an avid trapeze sailor , this is for you.

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