Bendyzz Kids Swim Goggles


A high quality junior swimming goggle that are appropriate for children’s and kids training. The child-friendly design makes the goggle adjust easily. Moreover, the soft flexible silicone seal provides maximum comfort and the anti-fog technology ensures clarity underwater. Enjoy your happy swimming time!

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  • Wide vision, flexible CP lens, embedded anti-fog and easy adjusted buckle, bendyzz swimming goggles make children fully enjoy to swim and love to swim.
  • CP lens/ Cellulose Proprionate (origin : ITALY) strong enough for impact resistant.
  • Curved lenses provide a distortion-free, 180-degree panoramic vision.
  • Embedded anti-fog retains clarify.
  • Ultra soft TPE gasket offer the most comfortable fitting.
  • Skilled UltraFUSE Technology offering lens integrity.
  • UltraFAST built-in side buckle structure make head strap adjustment easier.
  • one size single frame
  • meets regulation ISO 18527-3:2020
  • 100% Phthalates Free Product


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