Get the most from your gear

At Blood Red we put a lot of time and passion into designing and building great products, but when they us to join your curated wardrobe, it’s important you do your bit to look after them.

Everything we develop is thoroughly field tested with samples being evaluated at all levels for material performance, fit and function. But we still need you to play your part. Caring for any product in the right way is an important part of making sure it lasts for as long as possible. Below we go some way to help with care guide:

Depending on which material we have used recycled polyester or Econyl in our swimwear you will need to consider how you wash the item. Always take time to check the care instruction label for instructions.

We recommend a gentle low impact approach. Unfortunately, anything made from synthetics will shed microfibres that will end up in our oceans. Start by washing your swimwear in a basin of clean cold water. Often this can be enough. Then use an all-natural biodegradable soap to spot clean necessary areas.

Do not place any of these items into a tumble drier, over time the heat will damage the fabric and lycra content.

From our great hoodies and beach shorts, organic cotton is a great fabric and can be easy to care for. We like to wash at 30 degrees with similar colours on an economy cycle. To dry, for best results lay flat and away from direct sunlight or heat, use a cool or medium heat iron and do not bleach!!

Do not tumble dry as this will shorten any garment longevity.

If in doubt always check the care instruction label.

All our bags are made with a TPU coated base fabric. This coating is well suit to repel stains, scuffs and general dirt. On the rare occasion you need to clean our bags, use a dry brush to take away any surface dirt, followed by a clean damp cloth with a very mild everyday detergent to bring some gloss back.

Never use bleach or fabric softener or any other cleaning agents.

At no point should our bags be put into a washing machine cycle.

Always store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Best practice is to rinse with clean fresh water. Use of an old toothbrush to remove any dirt spots and a mild detergent.

Always Store in a dry place and away from any direct sunlight.