Our promise

Responsible design:
High quality done differently

Recycle, reduse and reuse at our heart

When we started Blood Red in 2007, we simply wanted to make the best sun-protective rash guards at an excellent quality-price ratio. Along the way, we were incorporating sustainable practices simply because they made sense. The brand may be called Blood Red, but we’re secretly green, with recycle, reduce, and reuse always hovering in our peripheral vision. Eventually, responsible design became the core of our endeavours, and we plan to continue this way. It’s not a matter of business as usual. It’s a matter of our collective conscience.

We partner with suppliers that share our values

We always try to design and build the best product we can. We partner with suppliers who share our values and are responsible. We share with them our code of conduct and ask them to commit to this before forming a partnership. It outlines our minimum Ethical Compliance requirements to respect the health, safety and welfare of everyone working in the supply chain.

We take pride in the relationships we develop with the companies who supply us. We expect our suppliers to not just obey the law, but also to take care to respect the well-being of their employees. They should sign up to our global sourcing principles.

Suppliers must be willing to take an active approach to Ethical Compliance, and support factories and subcontractors are to comply with the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiatives) base code.

Suppliers will be expected to follow all the ETI basic standards including:

Child labour – shall not be used

Employment – freely chosen

Freedom of association

Working conditions – safe and hygienic

Working hours – not excessive

No discrimination

Regular employment

No harsh or inhumane treatment

Blood Red reserve the right to cease trade or seek monetary reparation where there are serious violations to above, or other required audit requirements.

Suppliers must allow third-party auditors on-site to conduct assessments.