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Style doesn’t have
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A commitment to do our share

We know you do your homework to hunt down the best items that your money can buy. Designing responsibly for Blood Red is quite like that—with our commitment to do our share, we do a lot of research in how we design and develop Blood Red products so that every year and every collection is an improvement from the last in terms of making our products (and operations) as sustainable and affordable as we can.

Instead of a linear and extractive production process, we are working hard to build our value chain under a regenerative model. This is no easy feat, as the bulk of raw materials for performance sports apparel and gear originally come from non-renewable petroleum bases. And so we continue to actively search for responsible solutions that don’t sacrifice our high standards and quality when we create and deliver products you love.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon

We’ve hooked up with the company that rescues nylon waste from landfills, and recycles them through a radical regeneration and purification system. This creates sustainable ECONYL® yarn. When combined with LYCRA® Xtra Life™ this results is a wonderfully luxurious fabric which we use for all our new UPF50+ lines.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon


We are committed to keeping our waterproof dry bags and rated IPX8 dry pouches PVC-free. In its stead, we have used thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the waterproofing element since our first dry bag designs were introduced in 2012.


Recycled polyester

In 2011, we produced our first batch of board shorts that were made using recycled polyester. This year, we release our much-awaited recycled polyester swim shorts which look, feel, and function exactly like shorts made from virgin polyester.

Recycled Polyester

Product Safety

Declaration of Conformity assessment of our PPE devices  that meet the following standard and regulation

2016/425 as brought into UK Law and amended – by Fleetwood Notified Body, UK AB Number 0514

EN ISO 12402-5: 2020 – by Force Certification, EU AB Number 0200

PPE is subject to conformity Module B procedure (UKCA Type Examination & EU CE certification)

integra safety certificates

Product components

While the sustainability onus on this one lies on the individual suppliers for things like zippers, buckles, straps, inks, buttons, and snaps, the onus is upon us to work with components suppliers whose sustainability goals are aligned with ours. We aim to incorporate them into our new designs as quickly as they become available for us to use.

Sustainable garment components