Our packaging

Reducing single-use


We design our packaging as responsibly as we design the very garments and gear we put in them. Since Blood Red was founded, we have kept a conscious eye on how we package and present our products while fulfilling the expectations of our retail partners and end consumers. In 2018, we committed to removing single-use, non-degradable plastic from our packaging.

We have minimised the cardboard used to package our dry bags and dry pouches, and have removed the plastic film from our cardboard boxes. Any supplied paper items are from FSC approved sources. We have also involved our logistics partners, who understand and comply with our concerns about removing and avoiding non-sustainable materials from our packaging, which we try to keep to a bare minimum, especially when shipping in bulk.

Ethical Activewear Packaging

MDF shoe hangers

We initially used plastic shoe hangers, but this very much contradicted our sustainability ethos. Our shoe hangers are assembled using MDF (medium-density fibreboard) from sustainably cultivated forests, are fully biodegradable, and are kinder to the environment. Created by a company located in Spain, we worked with them to develop a good, responsible, and durable solution for our shoe hangers—one that can be reused many times through many collections, and compostable, should we choose to remove them from service. In addition, they offer good differentiation from other shoe hangers because they are a custom design.

Eco Shoe Hangers

Swing tags

Where possible, we are reducing the number of swing tags and labels that we use across all our products. For our garments, some important bits of information are now printed onto the inside, instead of creating another cardboard label that gets thrown away after purchase. When we do use cardboard, we require our supply base to use paper and board only from FSC-compliant sources. Also, we have eliminated those little plastic tags that were used to secure swing tags and labels in place. These have now been replaced with good old colour-fast cotton string. Every little bit helps.

Sustainable Swing Tags