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Let’s Get Moving!

This might seem a daunting task, but nobody says you have to go all out all at once. Start with what’s doable. To get you moving, climb the extra flights of stairs instead of using the lift or escalator, or walk the extra blocks to get your errands done instead of taking the car. It doesn’t matter how un-sporty it might be to start with, what’s important is to rock up your routine.

Want to try something new? Ask a friend who is already into the sport or activity to help get you started. Try running, yoga, wall-climbing or stand-up paddle boarding with a friend who’s done it before, as having a beginner’s buddy can also help to banish the newbie blues. Of course, suiting up in the right clothing can give you that extra boost of confidence, so grab a pair of our well-designed leggings which are excellent whether wet or dry, or one of our zip-up rash guards that are both moisture-wicking and quick drying, not to mention sun protective.

Wanna get going? Explore your own city. Play tourist for a day, and you might even have renewed interest in the place you live in. Join a walking tour, a food trip, or a pub crawl, and see your locale in the eyes of someone who’s never been there before. Once you’ve whetted your appetite for exploring, do a day trip to literally expand your reach. Soon you’ll be ready for a weekend out of town, and whether it’s a 2-hour drive or a 2-hour flight, the decision is yours. Hit somewhere you’ve always thought of going but imagined was too easy, or not far enough. You’d be surprised at what you might discover.

Three Things I Always Bring When I Get Moving & Get Going 

  • Mobile phone – back in 2012 was the last time I travelled with a camera (unless I was specifically on assignment). I realized that my half kilogram Canon was literally dead weight, as I was using my phone more frequently to take pictures. These days, I pretty much work off my S9, and I don’t bother bringing my laptop either if the trip is under 2 weeks.
  • Blood Red Leggings – for squeezing in a jog, a yoga class, or pilates session, it also provides extra warmth as a layering item when the temperature drops, on top of protection from burns during prolonged sun exposure, or stings when swimming with strange sea critters, or snags during that impromptu hike.
  • Blood Red Beach Bag – In 2016, I needed a baby bag. I refused to be caught using the standard “nappy & bottle & the kitchen sink” designs because, well, UGH. I just wanted a bag that was roomy, with a few pockets, so I grabbed a Banago Beach Bag. And guess what, it’s been with me to Australia, Boracay, Hong Kong, Mallorca, London, Wales, Edinburgh etc., and it looks as happy going through an airport x-ray machine as it does parked on the beach with waves lapping at it.

Let’s Get Going!

My Three Favorite Philippine Travel Destinations

Now that it’s a hot destination, I’m glad I first went to Siargao in 2003. I loved the peaked roofs, the beautiful beaches, and its relative remoteness. Of course, if you surf, then that alone is a reason to go.

Camiguin is an outdoor lover’s island package. It has hot springs, cold springs, waterfalls, black beaches, white beaches, and volcanoes, all accessible thanks to its 64-kilometer circumferential highway. Far enough from the madding crowd, but small enough for a 3-4 day trip.

My love affair with Sagada started in 1996 for a thesis on the resident Kankana-ey tribe. Back then there were only had a handful of inns and restaurants, and visiting the caves was the highlight of the trip. These days you can add white-water rafting and canyoneering to your Sagada itinerary, just don’t go during peak holiday season and long weekends.

My Three Favorite Urban Destinations

Hong Kong is Asian and Western, urban and rural, sea and mountain, all at the same time. How can a place be so sleek and gritty at the same time? Take in your fill of contemporary fashion, dimsum, ancient traditions, dimsum, modern technology, dimsum, outdoors sports, and did I say dimsum?

Marrakech is a dizzying warren of streets and alleys that hide embellished structures, enchanting riads (courtyard houses) and secret gardens. The souks (markets) are abuzz with traditional wares such as felted accessories, pointy leather slippers, spices, lamps, and silver. Haggling is not for the faint-hearted.

When in London, you don’t just visit the Queen. You take in the sights of this premier design destination and the mind-boggling mix of medieval and contemporary architecture. Museums for every type of art, history, and inclination are everywhere, and a lot of main galleries are free to enter. Remember to wear very comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking further than you’ve imagined.

My Three Places to Get Going In 2019

Iceland’s volcanoes, glaciers, and aurora borealis are calling. Who doesn’t want to go?!

Bullet trains, kimonos, cherry blossoms, anime, sushi, onsen, shrines… I’ve never been to Japan because, frankly, I haven’t figured out where to start.

My best friend moved to California in 2002, and I last saw her in 2004. ‘nuff said. California here we coooooome.

Now that we’ve shared how to get moving & get going, tell us about you! What are your lifestyle goals this 2019?

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