Edgar, EAZY Traveler, And His Many Adventures

New Collab!

Collaborations have been high on our list lately, and one of our first team-ups for this year is actually an ongoing one featuring adventures in EAZYtraveler.net.

A few months ago, we met blogger and travel journalist Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap (E.A.Z.Y.—do you get it?). We like following his adventures. His articles and photos have seen print in Lonely Planet Traveler, Mabuhay Magazine, Smile Magazine, and Travel 3Sixty. Edgar fills his blog and social media channels with pages and pages of vivid travel anecdotes and beautiful pictures. He has covered every province of the Philippines (all 81 of them), all 11 nations of South East Asia, and more.

Edgar practically never stops traveling. If he’s not just arriving, he is again leaving for another travel destination. His home bases are in Manila and Cebu. But sometimes, it sounds like he barely has 48 hours at either before he sets off again for his next assignment. (When does he do his laundry?!) A vast number of his trips involve a lot of water. His blog posts often include rivers, waterfalls, hot and cold springs, lakes. There’s also scuba diving, and trying out kiteboarding, fishing, and all that. It made sense for us to send him a bunch of our stuff. We agreed that rash guards and leggings, would be useful on his many current and upcoming adventures. Board shorts too.

New Review!

Edgar is often on lists like “the top Filipino travel bloggers to follow.” It’s easy to see why. Below are some photos of the trips he did last March and April. He has written a blog post about us in which he reviews Blood Red apparel.

Here’s what Edgar thinks of our Blood Red items that he has worn on his latest adventures. “I am impressed by the attention to detail the company invests in their apparel.” And “In a nutshell, Blood Red Clothing outperformed the watersports apparel brands I previously used.” To read more about what he thinks of our products, check out http://www.eazytraveler.net/2015/02/blood-red-clothing-review/. For more of his adventures, give his social media channels a follow. And try to spot more of our products in his pages too.


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