Econyl® regenerated nylon

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Responsible design and
developing of our apparel

With Blood Red’s commitment to responsible design, we do a lot of research when we design and develop our products. But responsible design in the context of sports apparel, is no easy feat, as nylon (which usually comes from non-renewable petroleum bases) is the core material of the majority of performance sports apparel and gear, and that includes our rash guards and leggings.

Nylon, which has become ever present in our daily lives, is actually a recyclable material, but people are not recycling enough of it. This point has come to the fore as of late, with the problem of abandoned fishing nets and ocean plastics making it to the daily news. But there’s hope.

Responsible Apparel Design

A radical regeneration and
purification system

We’ve hooked up with the company that rescues nylon waste from landfills, and recycles them through a radical regeneration and purification system. Thanks to this, the nylon that is recovered from fishing nets and industrial waste like fabric scraps and carpet fluff is recycled back to its original purity to create ECONYL® regenerated yarn.

This sustainable ECONYL® yarn, when combined with LYCRA® Xtra Life™ results in a wonderful luxurious fabric with superior stretch and resilience against chlorine and oxidation. We use this fabric for all our new rated UPF50+ lines, and we take pride in the hand-feel and gorgeous, long-lasting fit of our new rash guards, swimwear, and leggings.

Econyl SPF 50 Leggings

Infinitely recyclable
protecting the planet

ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn can be recycled infinitely without losing its quality. This means we’re closer to the goal of creating an endless loop, turning waste back into raw materials, then to new products, then back to raw materials… a step into the future, which is circular design aimed at protecting the planet and our seas.

Diving with turtle in sea

Econyl® dark
paradise collection