BR® About Us

Our passion is water.

Just like yours.

Born over a decade ago for the need to be protected from the sun's harsh rays, Blood Red create beautiful designs that have purpose and function, with wonderful fits that inspire you to feel confident and sexy. And we do it with a dedicated commitment to the environment.

Blood Red believe that in today’s world, style and sustainability must go hand in hand. The small details matter to us, as we hope they matter to you

We want you to look awesome.

Our premium products are responsibly designed and often carry unique features and use materials, finishes that are built to last.

On top of an excellent quality-price ratio, our products feature contemporary styling and modelling know-how, and are produced in compliance with ethical principles of sustainability.

image © Ollie Jones

David Harris - Blood Red founder

The Founder

I grew up with the sea and beach as my front garden and competitive sailing has become my passion. No two days on the water are the same. The wind strength and direction, the tidal movement, or if it’s cloudy, raining or bright sunshine it keeps your senses alert.

I’m proud that this love of the water and beach lifestyle runs through Blood Red, the brand I started in 2009; born for the need to make innovative product for sun lovers and the life we lead.

Since day one I have taken an approach for making better and more sustainable product, challenging and innovating, seeking solutions to what has gone before. It is important to me our company makes informed decisions about our environmental impact. Being responsible in our product development and make the best product we can.

In my mind these are products that will be with you the longest; and the longer you have them, the more attached you become.