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When Blood Red Design meets LAMAVE Conservation the result is/equals protection all round

JUNE 27, 2016 Blood Red Clothing and the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines (LAMAVE) are excited to announce their latest collaboration. Working directly with LAMAVE’s field researchers the Blood Red team have designed and created an exclusive free-diving fin bag perfect for the needs of LAMAVEs ocean loving volunteers.

With the Philippines compromising of over 7000 islands, and the fact that LAMAVE now has 8 active field sites in the Philippines, volunteers working in the field need to take care of their kit more than ever. One essential piece of kit is free diving fins which are indispensable for LAMAVE volunteers studying whale sharks, turtles and other large marine vertebrates.


And padded it is. One of the unique features of the bag is its protective exterior, which is much thicker than most bags on the market. The added thickness is perfect for helping protect fins no matter where the team travel. The bag even has small loop holds so that it can be tied to a larger hold bag if need be. Add to this the meshing and drain holes to help the bag “breath” and the large pocket on the front that can store both our mask and snorkel combined, as well as a rashy and some leggings, the bag is just perfect for any ocean lover.

While the bags are designed for LAMAVE volunteers, there will be some exclusively available for the public. All profits from the sales of the bag, will go directly into LAMAVEs marine conservation projexts in the Philippines. CEO of Blood Red, David Harris said “we really love the work LAMAVE do and we wanted to find a way we could help the teams conservation efforts in the country. Designing and producing specialized equipment is what we do-sharing that knowledge, and working with LAMAVE on equipment that their team needs was a perfect way we could support the team. What’s more, donating all proficts to marine conservation is a great way that we all can help sustain their work.

Individuals or retailers interested in purchasing the fin bag should contact please note that due to high shipping costs the fin bag are currently available within the Philippines.