Five Grueling Days, the 14th Philippine Hobie Challenge

For five gruelling days, 20 teams from 13 different nations tested their mettle by sailing in harsh conditions: up to 35-knot winds and ten-foot waves, stopping at 10+ islands in a span of 9 days. This is a test of endurance and teamwork.

This is the 14th Philippine Hobie Challenge.

Now on its 14th year, The Challenge started at Malapascua off  Cebu and stopped at Bantayan, Cabugao Gamay, Lakawon, Inampalungan (with stops at various smaller islands) and wrapped up at Oton, Iloilo.

The pace was anything but leisurely, with sailors working hard to get their double-hulled Hobie 16s under control over waves and  squalls.

Winding up in first place was the inimitable tandem known as Two Dogs, composed of Hobie world champions Bob Engwirda and Bradley Wilson. Second place went to the Bruce Tardrew  and Sarah Turnbull, and third place was captured by Grahame Southwicke and Sharon Rayner.

While The Challenge Legs were dominated by those odd creatures from down under, the Blood Red-sponsored Inshores had a slightly more varied result. The Two Dogs were again in first place, second place was claimed by Andrew Locke (AUS) and Hobie Challenge organizer Eric Tomacruz (PHL), and third went to Filipinos Mike Ngu and Lindo Pahayahay.

Blood Red was the Official Outfitter of The 14th Challenge, 4th time in a row, supplying every sailor with UPF50+ rash guards, swim shorts, waterproof bags and more.

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