Blood Red Opens Nautical-Themed Asia Flagship Store and Office

1427 East Capitol Road
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Mon-Sat 10am to 7pm
(032) 232-3116

For 3 months, we transformed a 200 square meter space into our new Asia flagship store and office. Located just a few blocks away from Ayala Center Cebu.

Blood Red New Store Construction

The right-hand side is our design office and the left-hand one is our very own Asia flagship store. Working with a bare unit and a literal white blank slate helped us maintain a cool and clean atmosphere, while letting focal points stand out. Thus, custom-cut sails were put in place as modular partitions, and statement canvas placed to inspire creativity, while a vintage Philippe Starck meeting table is surrounded by contemporary furniture, and art by foreign and local artists. In amongst all that were white shelves, cupboards, and tables to cater for office stuff, two mannequins and a tarpaulin for our window display, as well as shelves and boxes, and, oh! More shelves and boxes.

Blood Red New Office Meeting Table

Blood Red New Office and Store Used Sails as Dividers

On the shop side, a lot of sailing and nautical representation was happening, starting with 8 larger than life custom wooden crates reminiscent of shipping crates—a representation of protection, which is a key point of our brand. The crates are illuminated by fluorescent lights and serve as ideal frames to showcase our products. Surfboards and sails are on display to infuse a nautical feel, ropes are used to feature our cylinder dry bags.

Blood Red New Store Uses Crates To Showcase Products

Blood Red New Store Uses Ropes to Display Water Proof Cylinder Bags

A wooden table, a carpet, and a smaller shipping crate run down the center of the store. Our sailing trophies and medals from past regattas, as well as stunning photographs are strewn about in key spots, reminders about how we value top-level performance and high-quality outputs. In our window display are two mannequins, Blood Red signage, and other Blood Red products to invite you right in. Come in!

Blood Red New Store Center Design

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