The Benefits of Using UPF50+ Rated Fabric in Our Daily Lives

Years of research and development have proven there are benefits of using UPF50+ rated fabric in our daily lives. Clothing can protect your skin against harmful solar exposure which can be carcinogenic. The tightness of the weave, thread count per inch, type of fibre, and even fabric colour all contribute to the amount of protection that clothing can provide. UPF stands for (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), and it is the rating used for fabrics, whereas SPF is the rating used for Sunscreen. We at Blood Red use Italian fabric with a UPF50+ rating because we believe that the clothes you wear are your first line of defence against harmful solar radiation, and we see UPF 50+ rated fabric as the best kind for the job.

Our top quality Phantom hooded rash guard for men offers the latest fashions in UPF 50+ rated sun protective clothing.

The UPF rating of 50+ is the highest rating achievable on the market today, blocking more than 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation which causes sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. Today, industrial use of fabrics with a UPF50+ rating has expanded beyond clothing due to its profound protection as we go about our daily lives. Manufacturers uses UPF50+ rated fabric on beach tents, baby stroller sunshades, sun gloves, and car shades, just to name a few. To revolutionize something that is existing into something better has been a challenge to our group.

Morgana sleeve hooded rash guards offers a UPF rating of 50+ for uv sun protection for you to enjoy extended sun exposure without any worry.

Take, for instance, our hooded rash guard “Morgana” for women. In designing elegant rashies such as Morgana, we took into consideration the importance of the effect of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on our scalp and its effect on hair growth. Although our hair protects our scalp from UV radiation, recent research suggests that hair covering is not enough over periods of prolonged sun exposure. This is why we felt the importance of adding a viable protection option such as a hood on a rash guard, with an elastic cord for better fit. And to top it off, we have added thumbholed cuffs on our hooded long sleeve rash guard Morgana to extend protection beyond the arms and shoulders and onto the wrist and the back of the hand.

Long Sleeve Hooded Rash Guards with 50+ UPF Protection

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