• designer story A Designer’s Story

    2019 COLLECTION DESIGN DEVELOPMENT   Here’s a designer’s story. It started with bouncing from one idea to another in trying to establish a single design concept. From pirates, to sea creatures, to the aesthetics of historical sailing expeditions, each idea didn’t give us the light bulb of inspiration that we needed. We then decided to […]

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  • Here’s What Your Future Weekends Look Like

    Blood Red 2019 Collection The new collection is loosely inspired by sea gypsies. They are a group of nomadic seafarers from the Southern Philippine Seas and other parts of South East Asia. Traditionally residing in stilted homes, or houseboats, they are famed for their remarkable free-diving skills and boat making. Also called “Sama Bajau,” they [...] Continue Reading
  • BR supports coast clean up Blood Red supports Coast Clean Up

    Blood Red supports coast clean up at Balesin Island Club for the fourth time in this annual activity, September 16, 2017. This movement aims to have waste-free seas and promote the importance of preserving our coastal areas. The Balesin Coastal Clean-up had 268 participants composed of Balesin members, employees as well as students from a […]

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    Having presented our concept, it was time to polish things up. We had already test and proven that the concept of integrating a PFD with a sailing harness could work in all aspects. We then moved on to fine-tuning the final details. Integra had to pass its first hurdle: where to produce the actual product. […]

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    The Thesis: Find a problem or innovate something? This has always been the struggle when it comes to deciding on a design thesis proposal. I was enticed by water sports while doing my internship as an Industrial Design student at Blood Red Inc. During my final week of training, we came up with this brilliant […]

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