Brilliantly Designed, Durable, Waterproof Gear

Our passion is water.
Just like yours.

It could be sailing on high seas facing 10ft waves and 35 knot winds, or lounging at a tropical beach paradise with crystal clear waters and sunshine.

Wherever you are, we want you to be protected from the elements. We want to give you gear that is functional.

We want you to look awesome.

Our products are designed with unique features and use materials, finishes, and accessories typical of luxury goods.

On top of an excellent quality-price ratio, our products feature contemporary styling and modelling know-how, and are produced in compliance with ethical principles of sustainability.

image © Ollie Jones

A lifelong sailor, David Harris leads the team to live the ultimate water lifestyle—competing at international sailing events, water sports events and even casual ice cream days at the beach.

This helps us cook up great ideas, like fun graphics and unique features for our products that you’ll want to use onshore, on deck, and even on the podium.

Over the years, countless of individuals have embraced Blood Red® products for its being "best in class" and being brilliantly designed, durable or waterproof gear.