Seven Seas Collection: On Location & Photoshoot

Deciding a location for our photoshoots is always a fun time. It means we are close to releasing our new designs of high-performance swimwear to the world. The months of hard work of designing, developing and fitting come alive with actual products on our favourite models. Looking for the best places to show off our 2017 beachwear collection is one of driving around and adventure.


Camotes island in a far away view


The photoshoots can evolve starting off as one thing and becoming even better as we go along. Sometimes dependent on what weather is thrown our way and picking the best light. We always want visually stunning pictures that become special to us and provide meaning and memories over time.


Our friend's beach house located in Carmen Cebu


For 2017 we chose two really cool locations, a private beach house owned by our friend Mark. It is close to our dreams of never-ending summer days, wonderful hospitality and chilled drinks by the pool.


The front view of Mark's beach house located in Carmen Cebu


With the sound of the sea and sunsets to gaze upon, it makes us work harder each time to aspire. For the second location is aboard Mark’s 50ft catamaran “Shameless” where we are free to explore the islands of Pacijan, Poro and Ponson with secluded beaches and crystal clear tropical waters. Magical moments from sunrise to sunset. Here are some images from our Carmen and Camotes Adventures for Summer 2017.


Our model, Cielo wearing our Jasmine Rash Guard for women, on one of our best shots in Mark's Beach House located in Carmen Cebu


Our photographer getting the best shot in Carmen Cebu. Our model wearing our Ursula Crop Top Rash Guard For Women


Our model, Cielo, wearing our Vega Swimwear as she enjoys the beauty of Mark's Beach House in Carmen Cebu


Our models on the yacht in Camotes Island wearing our Viscaya & Nocturne Rash Guards For Men


We witnessed a beautiful sunset in the beautiful island of Camotes, Cebu


The team behind the success of our 2017-2018 Collection photoshoot.


the mind and poeple behind our successful photoshoot, a wrap up of our 2017 photoshoot in Camotes


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