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We wanted to innovate key equipment used in the sailing world - David Harris


The Thesis: Find a problem or innovate something?

We wanted to innovate key equipment used in the sailing world, particularly the sailing harness and its partner, the buoyancy vest. I liked the idea of integrating products, and so did the company. With Blood Red owner David Harris exposed to sailing for years, and competing in small races in Europe, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, we already had the back ground and starting point to make this concept work. Supported by the company, I decided to make this my thesis study. READ MORE


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Blood Red is a small team of designers and product developers with a company core value of building products for protection. This can be while having fun at the beach or high performance dinghy sailing. We are passionate about water sports, our rash guards, aqua shoes, dry bags, hoodies, board shorts, and swim wears are some of the best. With sailing being part of our DNA we aim to create comfortable gear that performs seamlessly, all our products are made of excellent materials to provide comfort and protection all round. We do believe that the best way to meet if not exceed the highest quality standards is moving on with new technologies. Thus, every product has been repeatedly subjected to different stressful conditions in field tests to ensure its quality, durability, and safety in any given weather conditions.

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