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Working with a bare unit and a literal white blank slate helped us maintain a cool and clean atmosphere, while letting focal points stand out. Thus, custom-cut sails were put in place as modular partitions, and statement canvas placed to inspire creativity, while a vintage Philippe Starck meeting table is surrounded by contemporary furniture, and art by foreign and local artists.READ MORE


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Every Blood Red product you have on you, be it rash guards, board shorts or dry bag, has been repeatedly subjected to stressful conditions in field tests and even in international sailing competitions. The valuable feedback we get from these field tests had always kept our products grounded and on-track to ensuring every Blood Red product delivered is truly functional, durable and protective. It’s what we call “Thicker Than Water”. Always clad in UPF50+ Blood Red rash guards and 100% cotton t-shirts, there were always people asking where they could buy Blood Red gear. But the real purpose was to test every product in a high performance setting, to prove that every Blood Red garment and equipment is crafted to meet if not exceed the highest quality standards.